Friday, February 9, 2018

Ever had something come up and SURPRISE you while driving or something else important? So did this guy!

Rodents, Snakes, Dogs or anything else that may jump up and grab your attention when you least expect it at the Richard James Farmers Insurance Agency we can protect you and your family against those unexpected moments to keep you and everyone around you safe!

I bet you have never seen this happen to your Car!!! Coupe-Soup!

At the Richard James Farmers Insurance in Bellingham Wa we can protect your Home, Auto and just about anything else even included a BIG Wave and an Octopus! We are here to protect you against those Shock and Awe moments! Give us a call at 360-676-0224

Have you ever turned one of your Vehicles into a Car OR Truck-cicle?

At the Richard James Farmers Insurance we have seen a lot of different claims and mishaps over the years and we want to let you know you are safely covered with your auto insurance policy!

Call us at 360-676-0224 for more info! 

The Truth always comes out when it comes to Insurance! Have you heard of a Fright-ning Bolt?

At Farmers Insurance we take care of our customers who need help with being honest with their significant others! Farmers always knows what happens so we can best cover you and these unfortunate events!

Give us a call at 360-676-0224 or go come into our office at 1252 Ellis St. Bellingham Wa.

Here is 1 way to FIRE up a crowd! How well are you insured for your Auto or Home?

At the Richard James Insurance Agency in Bellingham we take care of our clients and make sure their coverages are where they need to be in case of those random little life events that tend to show up from time to time!

Are you committed to #Driving without a #Cellphone? Help the Richard T James Agency and Farmers Insurance to help reduce the number of people on their phones!

Are you committed to #Driving without a #Cellphone? Help the Richard T James Agency and Farmers Insurance to help reduce the number of people on their phones! 

Contact us to learn more about your Auto Insurance coverages! 360-676-0224

Friday, February 2, 2018

Do you have a Dog? Better question: How much do you trust your Dog in your car?

With Farmers Insurance you can have complete peace of mind with the right Car Insurance as well as Pet Insurance! Give your local Bellingham Richard James Farmers Insurance Agency a call to learn more about how to best protect yourself and all of your family and belongings!